Featured Designer: Bonbi Forest


Bonbi Forest is the moniker of Lee-May Foster-Wilson, an artist living and working in deepest, darkest Cornwall. Lee-May applies her beautiful illustrations to a range of wearables, and at HZ we carry a selection of her prettiest jewellery including lockets, earrings and illustrated enamel charms.

A usual we have a selection of our favourites to share with you, it’s hard to choose, and you can see the full collection at HZ on the Bonbi Forest page…

You Hold The Key NecklaceDark Is The Night LocketTwo Moons LocketSpread Your Wings LocketOf The Sky EarringsReaching Hands LocketAll our Bonbi Forest pieces are available in silver and gold, and our full range of pieces is online now.

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Featured Designer: Layla Amber


We love Layla Amber at HZ and we think her latest collection ‘The Secret Garden‘ is probably her best collection to date. Layla has layered two section of birch ply to create a beautiful 3d effect to her hand painted pieces, and the addition of sweet little earrings completes the look. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up…

Running Fox BroochBeech Leaf Earrings

Jumping Hare NecklaceWhite Flower Earrings

Oak Leaf EarringsSuper Pretty!

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Indie Business Club #1 Selling, Wholesale, and Sale or Return?


This is the start of what I hope (nay, demand) will become a weekly business blog covering everything a crafty type might need to know about anything to do with their business. Starting off with some thoughts from me (Rachael/dotpop/Hannah) about what we at HZ look for from suppliers and the pros and cons of wholesaling v sale or return from my point of view.

Ideally, you (the seller) want me (the buyer) to buy your stuff wholesale so we’ll tackle that first. Having a shop buy your stuff wholesale directly from you is a good goal to have. You get a lump of cash in return for having your lovely things displayed and sold in a lovely shop/website of your choosing and once you hand over the goods that’s it done, right? Well, more or less yes, but if you want that shop to continue buying from you then you need to work at it a wee bit.

Here are some things to consider when if you want to wholesale your work, it requires effort but lots of reward if you keep your buyers onside!

* First things first, it’s important to remember that wholesale is at least 50% off retail price. I’m going to repeat that: Wholesale is at least 50% off retail price. And ideally more. The retail price is the price you sell at through your personal selling channels. If you can’t give a 50% wholesale discount then you should revise your prices or consider sale or return.

* Consider giving a (trusted) buyer 30 days to pay, or the option to pay 50% in advance and 50% on delivery – a little leeway here goes a long way. Yes, it might hurt your cashflow a little but also might be the difference between a mid-sized order and a large one, or no order at all.

* Let us know about new designs. HZ LOVES to be the first to get a new collection in store and keeping your stock fresh is a great way to keep those wholesale orders coming in regularly.

* PDF line sheets with all the info we need to order in one place are great. The retail and wholesale prices are as important information as what the item looks like. Picture, name, retail and wholesale price all in one sounds simple enough but you’d be surprised how many designers have prices listed on separate sheets or forget the retail price altogether, it’s a bit annoying

* You’ll probably want to set a minimum order amount but it pays to be flexible here. Sometimes we just need to try things out first and a high minimum order amount is really off putting.

* One downside of selling wholesale rather than SoR is that once a shop has your work, it’s theirs to do as they please with. You have the money in the bank but relinquish all control over what the shop then does with it. Be prepared to feel a bit hurt if they discount it, it stings.

Wholesale sounds good right? Yep, it sure does, but ‘Sale or Return’ is another means of selling your work through shops. Basically you provide your goods upfront and the buyer pays you as and when they sell. This isn’t ideal, money upfront is much better and most designers understandably prefer wholesale. However, imo, there are many benefits to SoR that are underrated…

This is Sale or Return from an HZ point of view…

* You have a bit more control. You set your price, ultimately you decide what to send and when to send it. 

*  With SoR you have the opportunity to recall and rework pieces if you like. Decide those feather earrings don’t represent your brand any more? We can post them back to you. What were you thinking?!

* You take more money. Our SoR terms are 45:55, meaning the designer gets a 55% cut of each sale and we pay you monthly.

* We can take more risks. I might think twice about stocking that crazy awesome necklace design that’s super expensive at wholesale – if it doesn’t sell then I lose out – but with SoR, we can give it a shot and potential sales revenue for you is better.

* If you’re organised and focussed it’s possible SoR is a better sales route for you. It’s worth noting that out of our top 3 selling designers at the HZ shoppe, 2 are stocked on a sale or return basis and they make it work by keeping us topped up when things sell out and introducing new designs regularly. 

* As further explanation to the point above – whereas I might only do a wholesale order when we’re already low on stock and maybe a few bits and bobs from that collection has sold out, there’s no restriction with SoR. If we sell out of your earrings mid-way through the month and you’re able to send more – yay! Double sales!

So, there are definitely benefits to using sale or return too. As a buyer I’m happy with either and use the same criteria for deciding what designers to stock regardless of the arrangement (don’t ask me to describe that criteria, it’s basically just stuff I want to have in the shop). Of course there are a few more things that you should think about regardless of the arrangement you’re looking for…

* We are a small business too and come up against the same kind of stuff as you do.

* It’s not cool to approach lots of shops in the same area at once. Choose your preferred stockist in that area and approach them first. If they don’t reply within a few weeks give them a friendly nudge. If they don’t respond to that, then move on to your next choice. We are fussy about the designers we stock, and want you to be just as fussy about who you want to stock you. 

* Can you offer professional looking images that we can use on our website? This is brilliant for us and we will love you for it!

* Be realistic about your delivery lead times. Late deliveries are really annoying.

* Don’t turn up at the shop with a bag full of stock as your first method of communication. I hate being put on the spot.

* Don’t be scared to ask for a reference. If you’re not sure if that business is ‘trusted’ then ask another one of it’s suppliers for a reference, the indie selling set is pretty tight knit and they’ve got your back.

Well that’s the first ‘installment’ of business musings, hopefully some of it helpful! If you have any questions then leave a comment and I’ll reply asap. And if you have some business advice you’d like to share email me your ideas for a potential guest blog spot!

Rachael x

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Back in stock: Stay Home Club


Yay! We’ve all been waiting for it and now we finally have Stay Home Club goodies back in stock at Hannah Zakari! We have a range of loose tees in a selection of designs, these awesome SHC totes which are plenty big enough for a shopping trip, and 2 kinds of iron on patches – Stay Home Club and (my favourite) Sad Songs.

the_worst_looseThe Worst is a new design for us, perfect for grumpy pusses on a bad day. And of course we have the classic Stay Home Club tees in black and white…

shc_white_loose_tee shc_loose_tee_blackThese Awful tees were a best seller last time, so we have them back just for you!

awful_loose_teeAnd if you want to know how they fit, Stay Home Club have created this nifty chart with customer models, find your body match to see how each t-shirt might look on you:


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Featured Designer: Upper Metal Class


Upper Metal Class create the most beautiful range of minimalist jewellery. These are really popular for presents at the HZ Shoppe simply because they are such easy to wear yet stylish pieces – it’s almost impossible to go wrong.

Upper Metal Class is made in Portland, USA by designer T Ngu and she likes to get her inspiration from architecture, maths, science and the natural world. Each new collection is a huge pleasure to unwrap, but SO difficult to photograph (so shiny!) and in the past I’ve given up and kept this to shoppe only! This time I was determined to work on my photography skills and that combined with a bit of flukey lighting resulted in some perfectly acceptable photographs of these beautiful pieces, I just hope I’ve done them justice!

Bronze Arc NecklacesThese Arc Necklaces in a small and medium size are perfect layering necklaces or if you like a super minimal look they look great alone. They come in 2 sizes and are available in silver in addition to the bronze pictured above.

I Heart Necklace in SilverThe adorable I Heart Necklace is such a popular gift! It’s available in silver and bronze and also has matching earrings (pictured below in silver).

I Heart EarringsMy final pick from this collection are the awesome skull necklaces and earrings. The necklace has a tiny little fracture which I find super cute! Again, they come in silver and bronze and as a matching set of earrings and necklace.

Fractured Skull NecklaceSkull EarringsYou can check out everything here and even more on our Upper Metal Class page, I hope you like it!

Rachael x

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Featured Designer: We Dream In Colour


Last week we received lots of new things from one of our best selling shoppe designers We Dream In Colour. As always, it takes a few days longer to get things online due to the time it takes to photograph each item, but we raced through this lot so we could bring it to you asap!

We Dream In Colour are a Boston based design studio who like to minimise their environmental impact and follow a socially conscious code. Their collection is vast and entirely beautiful and with ethics like that,Hannah Zakari is very happy to be their only UK stockist.

Here are a few of the shoppe favourites…

Valencia NecklaceThe Valencia Necklace is personal favourite, it’s super bold and (imo) looks great with everything!

Uma EarringsThe Uma Earrings are a customer favourite and they come with a beautiful matching necklace too.

Santorini NecklaceAnother shoppe bestseller, the Santorini Necklace also comes as a set with matching earrings. This time we’ve chosen a slightly smaller version than usual and it’s super sweet!

Incaa NecklaceThe Incaa Necklace is a brand new piece, a real statement with beautiful hues of green and blue on the brass pendant – I love this one and can see me wearing it throughout the summer.

Finally, the Lara Hoops, these go with almost any other piece from the collection and look great on there own. A really nice summer addition.

Lara Hoop EarringsIf, like me, you LOVE this collection then you’ll be happy to know we’ll have even more this summer so keep your eyes peeled in our webshoppe and our Twitter where we always update with new pieces!

Rachael x

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Abandoned Village at Portavadie


I mentioned Portavadie in a previous blog about a wonderful day we had driving around the West Coast of Scotland. Portavadie itself was a small, uneventful place but we were lucky to spot a cordoned off abandoned plot and decided to explore further…

We weren’t quite sure what the place we found was, it felt maybe like an old holiday resort or serviced apartments and that’s more or less what it was. Some googling threw up a few pages about Polphail and I discovered that it was built to house construction workers who were due to start working on an oil platform at a local construction yard. However the plans for the yard fell through and so no one ever moved into Polphail. Here’s what it looks like now:

Portavadie Graffiti

Graffiti close up

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

Polphail is now in a pretty bad state and completely uninhabitable (although I was sure I heard footsteps upstairs but that might just have been my imagination playing tricks on me!). It’s amazing how far they went before abandoning this place – there were mirrors on the wall, carpets down and a few industrial sized washing machines and kitchen units around the place. The carpets are sprouting plants and covered in grass and moss now, and it was weird to see mirrors are hanging whilst the windows have all been smashed. When I walked past the first mirror I did a tiny freak out at my unexpected reflection!

A distant selfie

It seemed like there had previously been a lot more graffiti but a lot of the render is crumbling off the buildings so it’s slowly disappearing. I was also a little scared to venture too far, it was hard to tell how safe the place is and I was feeling a little spooked!

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

I really likes the above images, the character seemed to fit in with the surroundings. These washing machines were pretty cool too:

Washing Machine Graffiti

At one point we spotted a deer jumping around the trees, it didn’t see us so was just going about it’s own business (of being cute) and we watched it for a while and took in the view.

Views from abandoned village Polphail

Beautiful views

The incongruousness of just happening upon a place like this about a mile outside a shiny new marina was pretty cool and it’s definitely given me a taste for searching out more abandoned places. I’ve heard of a few of them around Scotland so hopefully it won’t be too long before we do this again.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Rachael x

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What I did at the weekend (18/04/15)


Sometimes you have a weekend that you just want to share, and last weekend was one of them!

I’d been looking forward to staying at Ewich House bed and breakfast since I discovered they have 3 alpacas (you know how much I love alpacas, right?) and it didn’t disappoint at all. It was such a beautiful setting in the hills at Crianlarich in the Scottish Highlands and they have lots of animals and wildlife if you like that sort of thing (which I do!).

Alpacas at Ewich

In addition to the alpacas, they also have 3 miniature Shetland ponies (miniature ponies!), some chickens, rabbits and Scottie dogs, and we saw a woodpecker and wildcats in the gardens!

From Ewich House we embarked on an epic drive that took us to nearby Inverarie, down the west side of Loch Fyne and then on to the fishing village of Tarbert.

Tarbert Harbour

After a wander around Tarbert we took the ferry over to Portavadie. Portavadie itself doesn’t have much (a marina and some posh new flats) but on our way out we spotted something interesting and decided to explore. What we found was an abandoned housing estate (we thought) in a state of ruin – this place was eerie! I’m going to blog I blogged about this place separately since I took too many pictures of the beautiful views and graffiti …

The hand was one of my favourite bits of graffiti

From Portavadie we embarked on another long drive towards our home for the weekend which took us up the east side of Loch Fyne and across to Loch Lomond via the Rest and Be Thankful – I’m not sure that driving up to it we really needed the rest, but the view is pretty spectacular, especially on a day like this!

View from the Rest And Be Thankful

Then back to Cairnlarich via The Drovers Inn to fill our bellies and take in some taxidermy.

So, this was a looong drive! About 6 hours in total (including some wandering), but utterly beautiful. It was one of those days when you really appreciate the place where you live, we’re so lucky in Scotland to have all these wonderful things.

Love, Rachael x

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Featured Designer: Cosas Minimas


Cosas Minimas means ‘tiny things’ in Spanish and is also the moniker of artist Blanca Gomez. We’ve been stocking Blanca’s work at Hannah Zakari for many years now and it remains a firm favourite with our customers and with us!

We recently restocked the Hannah Zakari Webshoppe with some brand new work and some old favourites, here’s my top picks starting with the wonderful London, Paris, New York series…

london print

paris print

new york print

These prints are currently available from Hannah Zakari in A4 size, both online and in our Shoppe.

We also have some larger size prints starting with this beautiful World Map Printworld map printAnd my personal favourites are the Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse duo:

Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse Prints

I can see these working really well in my home and can’t wait to get some framed for myself!

Rachael x

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