An Exclusive Collection from Layla Amber (and GIVEAWAY!)

Competition now closed and the winners are….

The winners are…

Louise Moran – because we all love Girls at HZ and I want to be Hannah

Blue Eyed Night Owl – because that’s probably what I’d do too (also see below!)

Jenny Wren – because with a name like that you need some birdie jewellery 

and our Twitter/Facebook winner is Linzi Deprez

Please email me with your real names and addresses and you’re prizes will be winging their way to you very soon!

We’ve been secretly working with HZ fave Layla Amber who has designed a collection exclusively for Hannah Zakari and we’re so pleased with the results! What perfectly pretty feathery things for spring!

Each little bird – Goldfinch, Kingfisher and Blue Throat – has been hand drawn by Layla and turned into a wonderful collection of jewellery which are available as earrings, necklaces, rings and hair slides, and you won’t find them anywhere else but here on Hannah Zakari.

To introduce this new range we’re giving away a pair of earrings, a necklace, hairslides and a ring in each bird! That’s 3 prizes which means 3 chances to win – woop!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is tell us if you had wings where would you fly to and why?

Leave your comments below and we’ll pick the answers that make us smile the most and announce the winners on Thursday afternoon. You have until 2 pm on Thursday to enter.

We’ll also have an extra 4th prize for someone who helps us to spread the word on Twitter or Facebook by retweeting this tweet or sharing our FB post.

Good luck!

Rachael x


  • Ruth says:

    If I had wings, I would never have a final destination, I would just keep flying so I could see everywhere in the world.

  • Vicky says:

    I would fly to Edinburgh to visit your fabulous shop in all it’s glory….ah heaven. Then I would quickly fly away from my bank manager after the huuuuge spending spree I would have embarked on whilst there! xx

  • Julie says:

    Well, my fiancé and I have both been really busy recently, so if I had wings I would fly us somewhere far, far away from here… I think somewhere remote and isolated (perhaps in the French countryside?) would be best, so we could just be ourselves away from the stresses of life 🙂

  • Megan says:

    I would fly to a forest on and Indonesian Island, where I’d hopefully find some friendly sugar gliders to glide around admiring the plant and animal life with.

    Failing that I would fly in one of those ‘V’ shapes that geese make in the sky as I’ve always wondered how the organise taking turns of who goes at the front.

  • I’d fly to the highest treetops to spy on the prettiest birds that I normally wouldn’t get to see up close. And in Spring I could even see the little ones that just hatched:)

    These are beautiful, so thank you very much for the opportunity!

  • Irit says:

    I would spread my wings and fly far far away, to the Land of No Calories, where I could consume infinite amounts of chocolate without gaining an ounce. And then I’d fly to the Big Apple to meet my small nephew and niece. Some journey!

  • Anna Moses says:

    Ohhh, if I would have wings I want to follow Nils Holgerssons in his amazing adventures across Sweden cause it was one of my most favourite book in my childhood, cause it is one of my daughters favourite book and cause I’m crazy about Sweden:))

  • Jenny Wren says:

    If I had wings I would fly all over the world to gain as much inspiration as I could for my own quirky crafts 🙂 These birdy bits are plain gorgeous <3 /avid bird lover

  • Elisavet Michalou says:

    If I had wings I would fly to Edinburgh where my beloved boyfriend is, and I would take him around the world to different cities, countries and people, to see the change of seasons!!!!

  • Louise Moran says:

    I would flap my wings and fly all the way to NYC, think kicking back in the big apple eating ridiculous amounts of street food and pretending I’m in ‘Girls’ would be a lot better than sitting in Edinb Uni Library staring at a blank word page!

  • Julia says:

    I’d fly straight to Forest Hill, Maryland, where my boyfriend lives. Being a young student I can’t afford to see him very often and I’d love to appear on his doorstep as a surprise!

  • Carrie says:

    I’d fly along with the starlings coming home to roost. We’d shimmer and shape-shift as dark fast-moving clouds, chattering all the while and anyone who looks up would be awestruck by the beautiful, fleeting sky pictures we’d paint.

  • Vida says:

    If I had wings I’d fly off to the Maldives whilst carrying my husband in a golden eagle with its prey kinda way as we could never really afford to go here for a real proper no wing holiday.

  • Having just watched the wonderful series on penguins on BBC, if I had wings I’d join the penguins and fly through the oceans of the world

  • Eilidh says:

    If I had wings I would fly to Austria where my husband is currently and give him a ‘peck’ on the lips to say thank you for listening to me ‘chirp’ i.e. moan on the phone this evening for over half an hour despite him phoning just to say hi. He makes my heart ‘flutter’!!

  • Aoife says:

    I would fly out of my bedroom window in the middle of the night and travel far away to visit all my friends and family that i miss so much and give a kiss on the cheek!!! Aw i wish! 🙂

  • Claire Williamson says:

    I’d fly home, hopefully on a sunny day, to see my mum and dad in Fife. It’s not far and I could get a train but how much nicer to fly over Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Rail Bridge and along the East Coast, wee pit stop over the Silver Sands and home in time for tea!!

  • Jasmin says:

    I would see where the wind takes me……somewhere to the sea I hope….. A desert Island….somewhere sunny, as living in Scotland is beauuuuuuuutiful, but as you know…. We don’t see the sun too much. Anyways, if I had wings, I would fly everyday, so I really dob’t want to commit to any special place!
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!!!

  • Rachael Carr says:

    If I had wings I would somehow manage to fly back in time to go visit my Dad one last time and take the opportunity to let him take me under his wing again and give me all the father and daughter advice I’ve missed out on this year and I would chirrup to him everything I have wanted to say since he’s been gone. Then I’d fly back to my own nest happy. If I could do that I’d be such a happy little birdie that no matter where I go my tune would be bright and my flights would be limitless.
    This giveaway is such a lovely idea thankyou x

  • Lisa Fairley says:

    I would fly all around the world to see all the beautiful things I might not be able to see in my life. Hopefully, I would be able to take my camera as well!

  • komhittamig says:

    If I had wings, I’d circumnavigate the globe and watch the world go by from above. After winter has gone, I’d perch atop the highest tree in Sweden, build a nest and call the place home. I’ve always wanted to move to Sweden, a place I miss and love, without ever having been. <3

  • Anke Wolf says:

    If I had wings I would be a migrating bird … always there, where it´s warm and sunny … and definatly after this gloomy winter we had !

  • jc says:

    I would scout the universe for zombies.

  • Tedwood Bear says:

    If I could fly I’d go Antarctica to hang out with the Penguins. They’re so funny. Then we would all fly back to my house for tea.

    Oh……. Just spotted a flaw in my plan. Grr .

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