Birthday Interviews Pt 2: Kate Broughton

Next up in our birthday zine contributors interview is Kate Broughton (the Kates are good at speedy replies!)

Kate adapted one of our favourite illustrations, The Classic Cocktails, into a special HZ cocktail crawl version – how cool is that! We asked Kate 10 questions and here’s what she replied…

kate broughton

Did you have a childhood career ambition?
My dad used to be an art lecturer and sometimes when I was off school I would go into work with him, my older sister and brother both did art degrees too, so all I ever wanted to be was an art student, I never even thought beyond that.

What is your favourite colour? Does this impact your designs at all?
Green is my favourite colour, it features in my designs quite a bit. Depending on what I’m working on I go through phases of other colours but I always seem to come back to green.

If you could go on holiday anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. My brother is living in South Korea at the moment so sometime in the next couple of years we’re going to do a trip over and visit Japan too, I can’t wait!

What is the best place to visit in the town/city you live?

This year I moved back to my home town of Otley, in West Yorkshire, there are loads of nice pubs worth a visit, but my favourite place of all is the top of the Chevin (a big hill on one side of the town), the views are lovely.



Tea or coffee?
Coffee!! An espresso always makes me feel like I’m on holiday!

If you weren’t doing this for a living what would you like to do?
I would love to work with wildlife, maybe on a nature reserve or something.

What music/radio etc do you listen to when you’re working?
I share a studio at home with my boyfriend and we usually listen to 6 music, it stops us from fighting over what to play next.

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

My dad, he’s an illustrator and he does very detailed pen drawings, mainly of gardens/landscapes. He draws constantly, he’s got piles and piles of full sketchbooks and now he draws on his iPad too!

Do you have a favourite feel good film of all time. What is it?
Ooh I really don’t think I could choose just one, here’s three instead: Labyrinth, Dazed and Confused and The Life Aquatic.

Cats or dogs?
Cats, definitely cats, I grew up with them and I really really want to get one (or two) but we’re not allowed them in our rented house 🙁

Thanks Kate B! You can visit Kate online at or at the HZ Webshoppe.

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