We’re Hiring!


We’re looking for an awesome person to join our small team at our Edinburgh shop! 

The ideal candidate will be creative, passionate about indie design, and have a good understanding of Hannah Zakari and the designers and styles we stock. A cheerful and friendly personality is a must and you should be confident working alone.

We’re looking for someone to take on all aspects of the day-to-day running of the shop and key responsibilities will include:

opening and closing the shop including cashing up

greeting and helping customers

receiving deliveries and stock

cleaning and keeping stock replenished

picking and packing web orders and post office runs

uploading new stock to our website

blogging and involvement in other social media

The position is for 2-3 days per week (approx 12-18 hours) and the starting rate of pay is £7.70 per hour. You should be able to work weekends regularly and some retail experience is preferred.

Interested?! We would love you to pop into our shop with a CV and cover letter so we can meet you. If you can’t manage, please email your CV and cover letter to Rachael at hannahzakari@gmail.com with the heading ‘Job Application – your name’.

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I Am Acrylic Jewellery Making WORKSHOPPE!


I’m super excited to announce that the lovely Ruth and Brendan from I Am Acrylic are visiting our little shoppe to hold a jewellery making workshoppe on Saturday June 11th.

I AM Acrylic Workshoppe Poster

The workshop is aimed at complete beginners or those with a little jewellery making experience who would like to learn how to work with acrylic – but we’ll have no lasers here, you will design, hand cut and assemble your very own piece of jewellery in a 2 and a half hour session.

Examples from previous workshoppe designs!

Examples from previous workshoppe designs!

By the end of the session you should have the knowledge confidence and skills to have a go in the comfort of your own home. All materials and tools are provided so you just need to bring yourself and plenty of ideas of what you’d like to make!

To book for the morning session *click here*.

To book for the afternoon session *click here*.

Once you have booked I Am Acrylic will be in touch with more info so you can think about your design beforehand!

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Winter Window Display


Oh, I had fun with this one! Planning a window display is fun but slightly stressful, I get a million ideas whizzing around in my head and it’s difficult to choose which one will be a. relatively simple to construct, and b. look great in our awkward window.

This year I wanted to make a huge snowglobe filled with trees and mountains and Santa and presents. I was thinking about papier mache and wind machines and actual bunnies. After a lot of brainstorming and a trip to Hobbycraft, the idea got simplified – like all good ideas do – and I don’t think I could have wished for this to turn out any better in the end. It’s an abstract snowglobe winter scene with pom poms, glitter, stars, mountains and (dare I say) quite a magical feel. I love it!

with the shop lights on

lights on close up

shop lights off/window light on

christmas window display hannah zakari

I hope you like it as much as we do at HZ!

Rachael x

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Pumpkins, witches and scary spooks; Halloween is upon us at last! Without going too crazy, we have indulged slightly in some fun, spooky things in the Shoppe including gorging on chocolate eyeballs and making some lovely little kawaii decorations and garlands for the Shoppe using Asking For Trouble’s free downloadable pdf template.


Chocolate Eyeballs and Pumpkins!



Awesome kawaii ghosts and pumpkin decoration download available free from Asking For Trouble!


I also attended a really fun workshop last night making spooky flower arrangements using foraged flowers and a pumpkin as a vessel. The workshop was run by the lovely ladies from Pyrus Flowers and was held at Lovecrumbs, which meant there was a ready supply of rose and cardamon hot chocolate and pumpkin and choc chip bundt cake to keep us going!


Part of the MASSIVE flower arrangement I made at the Pyrus Flowers/Lovecrumbs workshop.



Pyrus Flowers pumpkin arrangement class at Lovecrumbs.

Whether you’re planning to don your finest zombie outfit covered in slime, or turn off all the lights, pretend you’re not in and hide from trick or treaters, we do have a few little seasonal goodies in the Shoppe to add a bit of Halloween spice to your life. Here are my favourites:

These cute leather and gold-embossed earrings and necklace are part of Rosita Bonita‘s new Black Cat range which can be bought online here:


Black Cat Drop Stud Earrings. £12.



Black Cat Necklace. £17.

This neon bright poster may seem a little morbid, but the highly factual message seems to put a smile on many people’s faces. Indeed it’s true; We’re All Going to Die!


We Are All Going TO Die Print by Lovely Jojo’s. £20.

Boo! Did I scare you? This friendly little kawaii ghost brooch  is super cute and great value at only £4!


Ghost Brooch by Asking For Trouble. £4.


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Interview With Mary from Mary’s Milk Bar!


July is officially Indie Retail Month, a time to celebrate and connect with local independent businesses.With Hannah Zakari being situated close to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, we’re spoilt for choice being surrounded by cool, indie businesses and love the variety of restaurants, shops and bars on offer in the area.

We thought we’d share some of our favourites on the blog, starting with Mary who opened Mary’s Milk Bar about a year ago. We’ve become slightly *too* dependant on her gelato (she does takeaway too!) and she also makes a delicious range of chocolates. Steph spoke to Mary to find out a little bit more about the Milk Bar…


Mary serving gelato from behind the counter.

Mary serving gelato from behind the counter.

How did you get into gelato making? Have you always wanted to open a shop or did it just sort of happen?

I worked as a chocolatier for five years and fancied a change. Having no luck in getting a job(who knew a tapestry degree and knowledge of soft centres weren’t what the job market was looking for), I decided to create my own job. I have frequented many milk bars in my time and one thing lead to another and the shop was born. I went to Bologna’s Gelato University for a February course in gelato algebra, found the perfect location in May and opened the shop in July!

What is a milk bar?

Milk Bars were an Australian invention, adopted by Britain after the first world war. Milk was subsided by the government so that the bars could provide cheap, nourishing meals to the young. They became a haven for the new teenage generation, serving milkshakes, milk soups (erm no comment), and dairy ice cream. Many still exist or have morphed into greasy spoons or Fish and Chip shops.


An example of delicious daily gelato offerings!

An example of delicious daily gelato offerings!

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato is the Italian’s word for ice cream. However, those Italians know that only the best, freshest ingredients make the most delicious ice cream. Britain, until recently, only really enjoyed a Mr Whippy at the seaside or a tub of yellow dairy ice cream at home and never ventured beyond that. Convenience took precedence over quality. Gelato should only use fresh milk and/or cream, fresh fruit and no colourings or preservatives. It means the shelf-life is greatly reduced but, hey, it tastes good!

What’s your typical working day like?

As time goes on, I’m getting better at making gelato. Now I can just about manage to make everything in about 2 or 3 hours in the morning and open by 11am. On those sunny days, you may have spotted me making more throughout the day – now that’s fresh! I sell the gelato through the afternoon, sampling as I go along of course, finish by 6 or 7 pm and toddle off home to watch some Law and Order repeats.

The exterior of Mary's Milk Bar.

The exterior of Mary’s Milk Bar.

What are your favourite places to visit in Edinburgh?

Machina Espresso for a morning coffee

Lovecrumbs for a cherry brownie

Hannah Zakari for many treats I shouldn’t partake in and presents I buy for others and keep for myself

Drill Hall for flea markets

Blackfriars for a nice tea

Hanging Bat for ultimate nacho craving

Falko for a slice of something to devour at home

My walk to and from the Grassmarket for dog/people watching


And last but certainly not least…Your fave gelato flavour?

It’s hard to pick a top flavour but here’s a few I can’t hold back from…

Black Sesame Seed, White Chocolate and Thyme, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Sorbet, Toasted Coconut, White Chocolate, Chilli and Lime, Hazelnut when floating atop of a hot chocolate….


Inspired by the cool 50’s style of Mary’s Milk Bar, and the lovely lady herself; we’ve created a Milk Bar style outfit on Polyvore!


We've blended (!) the style of Mary's Milk Bar with some cool ice-cream inspired accessories we sell in the shoppe!

We’ve blended (!) the style of Mary’s Milk Bar with some cool ice-cream inspired accessories we sell in the shoppe!

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