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Feeling Romantic!


So Valentines Day is on Saturday and I can’t help but think about romantic meals out and getting a bit sappy. This year I even managed to do a proper good (well, in my opinion anyway!) window display at the HZ Shoppe.

I had this idea around the end of February last year and held on to it all this time! It was a lot of fun to make and I think it looks pretty effective for such a simple idea…

It started here:

Glitter Heart Arrows

and after a bit of glue and a lot of fun it ended here:

Valentines Window

Valentines Window

I hope you like it! Rachael xx

PS doesn’t the shop look pretty as the sun is going down?!

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New Collection from Hilary Grant


Designed, knitted and hand finished in Scotland, Hilary Grant’s collection of scarves, hats and gloves combine simple, classic styles with bold patterns in sophisticated and compelling tones. Made from a soft 2 ply lambswool, Hilary Grant’s pieces are wearable, practical, playful and of the utmost quality; designed to be cherished and enjoyed winter after winter. We now have Hilary Grant’s new collection available both in the Shoppe and online, so I thought I’d share a few other items from the range.

I love this giant shawl which can be worn as an oversized scarf, or thrown over the couch for cozy nights by the fire. It’s made of 100% lambswool and so is super soft and snuggly, and is knitted in the Scottish Borders. At a large 85cm x 200cm it screams the words ‘sofa blanket’ at me!


Supersize shawl/blanket by Hilary Grant Knitwear, £140.


The cute fingerless gloves in the range are exceptionally soft and keep your hands really warm, I love the pale tones of the seafoam and picalli colourways.


Cute Fingerless Mittens in linen and seafoam offset pattern, £46.

And the mustard…


The fingerless mittens in the linen and picalli colourway, worn here with wrist warmers.



Her pom hats are really cute and are perfect for staving off those winter chills. I love the Seal and Apple colourway. Traditional mittens are also available in the Sal and Aplle colourway, but I particularly like the stunning bright contrast with the Apple and White mittens.



Pom Hat in Seal and Apple. £48.




Mittens in Apple and White, £46.


Which are your favourites? Check out our full range here.

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New Collection by Apres Ski


We have a brand new collection in the Shoppe and now online by Apres Ski. The Apres Ski range is by Barcelona-based designer Lucia Vergara and combines vintage and hand-painted wooden beads to create vibrant limited edition designs.

This range looks super cool and contemporary, while the colour palettes of the new collection are reminiscent of 40’s and 50’s themed fashion and design; think cutesy pastel diners, meets Joan from Madmen.

We created a set on Polyvore, combining two key pieces from the range with a fun, glamorous retro 50’s look, partially inspired by the beautiful fashions worn by Maggie Cheung in the film ‘In the Mood for Love’.


Screenshot from 2014-11-21 13:16:18

A stylish oriental 50’s themed look featuring items from the new Apres Ski collection.



Oriental Necklace, £50, Apres Ski

Sand Bracelet, £29, Apres Ski

Green Bambino Shell Drop Earrings by Rosita Bonita, £18.

Aqua Pom Hair Pin, £9, Ann Marie Faulkenr.

Revere Pencil Dress by Vanity Project £99.

Aquamarine Postcard and Sticker Set, £2.50, The Aviary.


Here are some other favourites from the new Apres Ski range:

As well as the Orchid Necklace, (pictured above) the Ebony Necklace has an oriental twist to it’s subtle 50’s style.


Ebony Necklace, £40.

The Desert Necklace combines mustard yellow with bold black and cream stripes as well as cute polka dots and checks. Although it looks strikingly contemporary, we could also picture this piece round the neck of Joan from Madmen.


Desert Necklace, £50.


This cute double-layered combines pastels and brights with fun polka-dot detailing and accented with vintage beads.


Congo Necklace, £50.


The Dizi bracelet complements the pastel bright necklaces in the fun, combines cute pastel colours with pops of bright colour and polka dots. A perfect gift!


Dizi Bracelet, £29.


Check out the full new collection in the Shoppe or online here.

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It’s Sparkle Season! Day and Night looks with Wolf and Moon.


We’ve been busy in the last few weeks updating our website with some fabulous new stock ready for the season of sparkles, parties and yes, ok, we dare to say the word ‘Christmas!’

The latest arrival has been from HZ favourites Wolf and Moon and are now available to buy online. We put together two looks on Polyvore  using Wolf and Moon’s statement Crystalised necklace (pictured here in the horn colourway).

Crystalised Necklace in Horn

Crystalised Necklace in Horn, £40.


The daytime look combines fun, autumnal mustard shades with a touch of sparkly gold and mirrored teal complete with a much-coveted grey fleecy cape and quilted biker-style boots.

Screenshot from 2014-11-06 15:36:38

A fun, autumnal daytime look featuring some of our new Wolf and Moon collection.


For our night-time look we’ve kept the statement necklace, but slipped into a classic Little Back Dress along with some gold T-bar heels and a cosy teal shawl to keep us cosy on these cold winter nights.

Screenshot from 2014-11-06 16:25:17

A teal and gold twist to the little black dress with some Wolf and Moon accessories.

Here are some of my other favourites from the new Wolf and Moon collection:

 I love the bright pop of yellow in this new Saffron version of the Chevron Point necklace. Perfect for adding an autumnal finishing touch to an outfit.

Chevron Point Necklace in Saffron

Chevron Point Necklace in Saffron. £17.


This striking new hexagonal design continues the trend for all things geometric and comes in an icy Frost colourway.

Hex Ring in Frost

Hex Ring in Frost. £18.


Our last delivery of Egyptian necklaces flew out of the shop really quickly, but we now have an array of designs available in the shop and online. My favourite is the the grape, wood and gold colourway.

Eqyptian Necklace in Grape

Eqyptian Necklace in Grape. £22.


These black and gold Hex earrings have a classic, art deco style.

Hex Earrings in Black and Gold

Hex Earrings in Black and Gold. £14.


The striking Irridescent Crystal Collar Necklace is a great statement piece and looks a different colour with every turn.

Crystal Collar Neckalce in Irridescent

Crystal Collar Neckalce in Irridescent finish. £68.

The new Wolf and Moon collection is now available in the Shoppe and online here.

Check out our Polyvore sets on the Hannah Zakari page.

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Interview with Olivia Mew, Stay Home Club.



Cancel all your plans, draw the curtains, put on your slippers and make a cup of tea. We spoke to Olivia Mew, illustrator, designer and founder of Stay Home Club…

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Have you always been creative?

I’ve always preferred to hole up and doodle rather than, say, play team sports. So yes, I guess so!



Olivia’s illustration unites grumpy-faced girls everywhere!

What inspires you creatively?

You know when Matthew McConaughey made that dumb Oscars speech about how his future self was his hero? Well, in a similarly douchey way, my past (teenaged, angst-ridden) self is kind of my creative inspiration. 

We love that we stock designers from all over the world. How  does your location relate to your work and lifestyle?

Montreal remains quite an inexpensive city to live in, so that certainly relates to my lifestyle. If I lived in New York City I would probably have to have a million roommates. I’m also surrounded by some pretty incredible pals, many of whom are self employed and constantly motivate me. The low rent prices here definitely attract a lot of talented people who are determined to make a go of it.

15400380 2

Stay Home Club Pennant.

What is an average working day like for you?

I’m lucky enough to have two “jobs” – freelance illustration and running Stay Home Club. So I get to switch it up between admin work for the site, order packing, etc and long days of drawing. 

How important is collaboration and a sense of community to yourself and to Stay at Home Club?

The pseudo community that has built itself around Stay Home Club has amazed and delighted me. As a bit of a solitary person, I’ve never been too interested in that kind of thing, but through SHC I’ve come into contact with so many like-minded people and it makes me so happy. So at this point it’s quite important!

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working? 


15400410 2

Part of team SHC, floppin’ in a SHC jersey.

SHC has developed a bit of a cult following around the world – are you surprised by the amount of people who wish to celebrate being anti-social and grumpy?!

I’m flattered that you think we have a cult following! It has totally surprised me how many people *totally* get it. None of us knew the others existed before because we weren’t going out and meeting each other!

What makes you most disgruntled?

Canada Post. 

15400400 1

Set of Wrapping Paper with Dsigruntled Face. £7.00.


disgruntled tee

Disgruntled Tee. £20.

We heard a rumour that you’re planning on eating pizza at your forthcoming wedding? We love this – tell us more..!

Indeed! Pizza buffet, doughnuts for dessert. What more is there to say?!

If you had to choose between only cats or only pizza – which would it be?

This is an impossible choice. I’ll have to choose death.


Stay Home Tee. £23.

Is there a design or an item that you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

I wear various items emblazoned with “Awful” the most. I think that image appeals to my sense of self-deprecation really accurately. 

awful jumpers

Hanging out at home in SHC designs. Awful sweatshirt £35.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out in business again?

WRITE OFF EVERYTHING! Keep all your receipts and keep track of those expenses or you’ll regret it come tax time.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still doing Stay Home Club, with a handful of extra people helping me out so I can put a little more time into the creative side of things.


Gemma Correll’s collaboration with Stay Home Club. A dog-based update to the original cat design.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Olivia, if you’re inspired to join us Stay Home Clubbers, you can buy our current collection of Stay Home Club apparel online here and in our  bricks and mortar Edinburgh Shoppe!


Screenshot from 2014-09-04 12:33:00

New in stock and available to buy online! The current range of Stay Home Club Apparel we have at Hannah Zakari.

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We Dream In Colour


We have a great new range in stock by We Dream In Colour. Heading up two small studios in North Boston (Salem and Essex), Jade Gedeon designs beautiful organic and geometric inspired designs crafted from brass and using their signature verdigris, patinated finish. Having stocked her previous work, we were delighted with the reaction we’ve had to her new collection over the summer and now have lots of lovely new pieces in stock in the Shoppe and online.


Screenshot from 2014-09-03 16:30:25

A laid-back, casual style inspired by nature, with a hint of verdigris jewellery by We Dream In Colour.

Here are a few favourites of mine:

The Nala Necklace combines patterned scalloped-shaped pieces with a subtle hammered pattern, splashed with verdigris giving a elegant twist to a tribal style design. The co-ordinating Nala Earrings also look great with their brass chain drop feature.


Nala Necklace. £55.



Nala Earrings, £28.



These unusual little Mika Stud Earrings are really cute, and I love the delicate detailing of the leaves.


Mika Stud Earrings. £22.


I love the detailing and finish of the Verdigris Tulip Necklace  and with a nice weight, it hangs really well. Great with a dress or floral shirt, the tulips create quite a pleasing light jingling sound!


Verdigris Tulip Necklace. £65.


I really love the simple elegance of the Santorini Necklace, a crescent shape with a gently hammered finish and then an ombre-style verdigris style, a necklace I can’t resist adding to my own personal HZ collection!


Santorini Necklace. £29.



And finally, the last of my pick of favourites these Arie Earrings have an unusual abstract shape, slightly reminiscent of a cheeseplant!


Arie Earrings. £25.


Have a look at our full We Dream In Colour range here.



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Interview With Mary from Mary’s Milk Bar!


July is officially Indie Retail Month, a time to celebrate and connect with local independent businesses.With Hannah Zakari being situated close to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, we’re spoilt for choice being surrounded by cool, indie businesses and love the variety of restaurants, shops and bars on offer in the area.

We thought we’d share some of our favourites on the blog, starting with Mary who opened Mary’s Milk Bar about a year ago. We’ve become slightly *too* dependant on her gelato (she does takeaway too!) and she also makes a delicious range of chocolates. Steph spoke to Mary to find out a little bit more about the Milk Bar…


Mary serving gelato from behind the counter.

Mary serving gelato from behind the counter.

How did you get into gelato making? Have you always wanted to open a shop or did it just sort of happen?

I worked as a chocolatier for five years and fancied a change. Having no luck in getting a job(who knew a tapestry degree and knowledge of soft centres weren’t what the job market was looking for), I decided to create my own job. I have frequented many milk bars in my time and one thing lead to another and the shop was born. I went to Bologna’s Gelato University for a February course in gelato algebra, found the perfect location in May and opened the shop in July!

What is a milk bar?

Milk Bars were an Australian invention, adopted by Britain after the first world war. Milk was subsided by the government so that the bars could provide cheap, nourishing meals to the young. They became a haven for the new teenage generation, serving milkshakes, milk soups (erm no comment), and dairy ice cream. Many still exist or have morphed into greasy spoons or Fish and Chip shops.


An example of delicious daily gelato offerings!

An example of delicious daily gelato offerings!

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Gelato is the Italian’s word for ice cream. However, those Italians know that only the best, freshest ingredients make the most delicious ice cream. Britain, until recently, only really enjoyed a Mr Whippy at the seaside or a tub of yellow dairy ice cream at home and never ventured beyond that. Convenience took precedence over quality. Gelato should only use fresh milk and/or cream, fresh fruit and no colourings or preservatives. It means the shelf-life is greatly reduced but, hey, it tastes good!

What’s your typical working day like?

As time goes on, I’m getting better at making gelato. Now I can just about manage to make everything in about 2 or 3 hours in the morning and open by 11am. On those sunny days, you may have spotted me making more throughout the day – now that’s fresh! I sell the gelato through the afternoon, sampling as I go along of course, finish by 6 or 7 pm and toddle off home to watch some Law and Order repeats.

The exterior of Mary's Milk Bar.

The exterior of Mary’s Milk Bar.

What are your favourite places to visit in Edinburgh?

Machina Espresso for a morning coffee

Lovecrumbs for a cherry brownie

Hannah Zakari for many treats I shouldn’t partake in and presents I buy for others and keep for myself

Drill Hall for flea markets

Blackfriars for a nice tea

Hanging Bat for ultimate nacho craving

Falko for a slice of something to devour at home

My walk to and from the Grassmarket for dog/people watching


And last but certainly not least…Your fave gelato flavour?

It’s hard to pick a top flavour but here’s a few I can’t hold back from…

Black Sesame Seed, White Chocolate and Thyme, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Sorbet, Toasted Coconut, White Chocolate, Chilli and Lime, Hazelnut when floating atop of a hot chocolate….


Inspired by the cool 50’s style of Mary’s Milk Bar, and the lovely lady herself; we’ve created a Milk Bar style outfit on Polyvore!


We've blended (!) the style of Mary's Milk Bar with some cool ice-cream inspired accessories we sell in the shoppe!

We’ve blended (!) the style of Mary’s Milk Bar with some cool ice-cream inspired accessories we sell in the shoppe!

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Love Hate Range Now Online


We’ve just updated our webshoppe with some fab, fresh offerings from Love Hate.

Love Hate are an Australian businesss set up by Geneine Honey in 2003 producing homewares, clothing, shoes, hosiery and accessories. They produce seasonal collections with cute key motifs carried through their work such as their ginko pattern, producing a delicate looking range which is fresh and summery!

 I’ve never been a really girly girl, but recently I took the plunge and grabbed the hair bleach and dyed my hair brown to a sugary peachy pink colour. Ever since, I’ve been a sucker for pastel pink accessories in the Shoppe (and even co-ordinate with the new pink wall!)  so I love the subtle and stylish tones of Love Hate range. I’m still a fan of the return of denim dungaree dress and this outfit is almost exactly what I wore on a recent trip to Barcelona, perfect for exploring the city and parks!


Screenshot from 2014-07-09 14:19:17

Style a casual daytime outfit with accessories from Love Hate, perfect for picnics or city day-tripping!



Gaudi and peachy pastel pinks in Park Guell, Barcelona.

Here are some of my favourites from their range, now available to buy online:


19200210 4

This pretty ginko pattern canvas bag converts between backpack and shoulder bag. £80.



Pastel blue, wave-patterned ceramic earrings. £20.



Gingko double ceramic pendant. £25.



Pretty sheer polka dot tights in pastel colours. Mustard sheers, £17.



This lovely leather bag and canvas bag converts between two sizes. £60.



An adjustable necklace made from sustainably sourced wooden beads. £25.



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Styling a Statement Necklace


Hi again lovelies!

I’ve been mesmerised by this Koi Necklace by Rosa Pietsch since I first laid eyes on it. I’ve always been attracted to large statement necklaces like this, but when it comes down to it, I chicken out and opt for smaller, daintier pieces. I think I’m just intimidated about styling a piece like this. How to wear it? Where to wear it? Oh, the humanity. Woe is me. So, I set myself a little challenge to create one daytime and one PARTYtime outfit centred around this necklace, that I would actually wear. I realized it’s easier to incorporate something like this into an outfit than you might think!

I can’t be the only one in this predicament, so I thought I’d share the results here. Now, this is what worked for me, and basically it entailed keeping my usual silhouettes and shapes, but replacing my beloved prints with solids to keep the focus on the necklace. It might be something entirely different that works for you, but I encourage you to play around a bit and find out exactly what that is.

It’s fun, and next time a friend or family member asks you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/graduation/mid-week celebration, you can tell them A BIG OL’ STATEMENT NECKLACE PLEASE! 🙂


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Tutti Frutti by Jennifer Loiselle


We’re in love with the new Tutti Frutti collection from Jennifer Loiselle, now available to buy online!

The collection combines luscious juicy fruit with a touch of Bauhaus style, creating truly unique statement pieces which are perfect for Summer and bang on trend with the current popularity for tropical-inspired fashion!

The pieces are made from mirrored perspex in a range of vivid colours and the necklaces come on an adjustable grosgrain ribbon.


12300280 2

Jennifer wearing the Pineapples Forever Necklace. £80.




Add some wow factor to what you wear with these Watermelon Wow Earrings. £50.


Reminiscent of summer picnics, the cherry necklace is a great statement piece and looks great when paired with a classic Breton striped top or dress.


Cherry Crush Necklace. £80.


12300250 2

Jennifer wearing her Cherry Crush Earrings. £45.





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