Peel Eezy’s Art Classroom at HZ


Recently we invited pop up proposals for the use of the space upstairs at HZ, hoping to provide some much needed space and opportunities to creative folk in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival. One such proposal came from the dynamic duo that is Peel Eezy!

Peel Eezy is the collaborative practice of Gemma Crook and Mina Heydari-Waite, two artists based in Edinburgh city. They are interested in access to art institutions, artist run spaces and arts education. Together they have created a brand of future imaginary art institutions consisting of a collection of installations, art objects, performances, videos and printed matter.

Enter The Art Classroom, an alternative future conception of art production in collage, crayon and clay.

The classroom consists of a Still Life and Life Drawing Class, hosted by Peel Eezy performing as technician characters. With a fixed looped script our classroom technicians guide matriculated students through the process of creating new art objects “tied to the speculative exchange of money”.

Armed with baskets of sweet mandarins, Peel Eezy approached unsuspecting visitors to HZ, inviting them upstairs to take part in a life drawing class, unlike any other. For one thing, the life model was slowly rotating!

My personal favourite material from the classroom was this peculiar clay that turned into a soft but solid foam.

Visitors were invited to hang their work on the walls afterwards, creating a temporary exhibition space.

There was also a small shop and book stand, with previous works by Peel Eezy and zines by other artists interested in artistic pedagogy.

It was a blast having Peel Eezy here last weekend and if you’d like to keep an eye out for their future events, check out their Instagram !



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The new girl’s top picks


Hi everyone, I’m the new girl in the shop.

*waves at laptop irl*

So Rachael suggested that I should introduce myself and help you guys get to know me a bit better by sharing a few of my things at HZ headquarters.


Without a doubt the first thing that I thought of when creating this list was the Bunny Tofu Iron On Patch by Bels Art World. As a vegan I couldn’t help but swoon. I’m seriously considering getting my hands on a denim jacket just so I can justify bringing this little critter everywhere with me. Or maybe I can also iron it onto a canvas bag?

The next item involves a collaboration between two longtime faves: Stay Home Club and illustrator Julia Bereciartu. Julia’s relatable illustrations feel perfectly at home in this comfy and soft loose T-shirt. The Another Night in T-shirt is perfect for drinking in, frankly it’s compulsory. Although I must admit, I prefer the company of dogs to cats, and beer to wine.

Next up on my list is this amazing swimmer necklace by Lou Taylor. It’s a statement necklace that would dress up any wardrobe choice but I imagine it going particularly well with a navy dress and orange nail polish. The ironic thing is I cannot swim!


The final thing(s?) on my hit list are these wonderful seasonal fruit and veg UK postcards by Asking For Trouble. These postcards would never be allowed to fall off the fridge in my flat. Someone needs to post me these, I mean just look at those adorable radishes! Looking might I say, simply ‘radishing’ …

So apart from loving bad jokes, let me tell you more about myself. When I’m not in the shop drooling over everything, I’m an artist who works with moving image and collaborates with other artists and friends on creative workshops and projects. You can see a bit of what I do on my website, check it out here.

I have been a long time customer of Hannah Zaraki, since I first arrived in Edinburgh as a student. It’s a joy to wrap up all the lovely pieces for customers to take home and I hope to wrap something up for you very soon!

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Abandoned Village at Portavadie


I mentioned Portavadie in a previous blog about a wonderful day we had driving around the West Coast of Scotland. Portavadie itself was a small, uneventful place but we were lucky to spot a cordoned off abandoned plot and decided to explore further…

We weren’t quite sure what the place we found was, it felt maybe like an old holiday resort or serviced apartments and that’s more or less what it was. Some googling threw up a few pages about Polphail and I discovered that it was built to house construction workers who were due to start working on an oil platform at a local construction yard. However the plans for the yard fell through and so no one ever moved into Polphail. Here’s what it looks like now:

Portavadie Graffiti

Graffiti close up

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

Polphail is now in a pretty bad state and completely uninhabitable (although I was sure I heard footsteps upstairs but that might just have been my imagination playing tricks on me!). It’s amazing how far they went before abandoning this place – there were mirrors on the wall, carpets down and a few industrial sized washing machines and kitchen units around the place. The carpets are sprouting plants and covered in grass and moss now, and it was weird to see mirrors are hanging whilst the windows have all been smashed. When I walked past the first mirror I did a tiny freak out at my unexpected reflection!

A distant selfie

It seemed like there had previously been a lot more graffiti but a lot of the render is crumbling off the buildings so it’s slowly disappearing. I was also a little scared to venture too far, it was hard to tell how safe the place is and I was feeling a little spooked!

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

Portavadie Graffiti

I really likes the above images, the character seemed to fit in with the surroundings. These washing machines were pretty cool too:

Washing Machine Graffiti

At one point we spotted a deer jumping around the trees, it didn’t see us so was just going about it’s own business (of being cute) and we watched it for a while and took in the view.

Views from abandoned village Polphail

Beautiful views

The incongruousness of just happening upon a place like this about a mile outside a shiny new marina was pretty cool and it’s definitely given me a taste for searching out more abandoned places. I’ve heard of a few of them around Scotland so hopefully it won’t be too long before we do this again.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Rachael x

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Festive DIY Decoration Ideas with Clare Nicolson


We featured HZ designer Clare Nicolson’s bijou London studio apartment in our Zine and blog last year. Recently she has moved into a new London home and has been busy turning her new rented place into a design-lover’s dream (her pegboard kitchen is my favourite idea so far), all of which is documented on her new blog. We thought we’d share some of her recent festive DIY ideas she’s used in her home as they’re right up our street, being very colourful and cute yet classy!


Clare’s having a colourful white Christmas this year, with this fun tree.


Clare  loves Christmas, but doesn’t always love the traditional red and green colour combo and is not the biggest fan of the endless glitter and foil the high street is trying to get us to fill our homes with every year. Therefore this year, she decided to make a minimal, wintry wall hanging to decorate her living space featuring natural pine cones and the metal of the season – copper.



Clare’s wintery DIY wall-hanging.

These are the things you’ll need to make the wallhanging.  See Clare’s blog for a full step by step guide to making one of your own.


Tools of the trade.


We love this mdf Chrismtas tree adorned with cute, colourful ornaments.

Clare made this Christmas tree alternative using some 6mm MDF, leftover paint, wooden hooks and her favourite decorations. The wooden triangle measures 120cm wide x 140cm high. Most timber yards/DIY stores can cut this for you, but if you want to downsize the tree you could create the same look with cutting the same shape out of mount board / cardboard.

Clare has chosen a lovely pastel blue shade for her wooden tree and decorated with cute colourful ornaments and tiny bauble trimming reminscent of pom-poms.


Clare’s DIY MDF Christmas Tree.


If you like Clare’s Christmas styling ideas have a look at her pastel-coloured world on Instagram and check out her blog.


Screenshot from 2014-12-17 17:13:31

A peek into Clare’s Instagram world full of sugary-sweet pastels.

Ho ho ho!

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Festive DIY Wrapping Ideas with Ashley G


With Christmas rapidly approaching we thought we’d share some great festive DIY ideas we’d spotted by some of the lovely designers we stock at Hannah Zakari.

First up is Ashley G, from Portland, Oregon. Ashley is an illustrator and designer and we stock her wonderful prints in the Shoppe.

She has recently created a new range of stamping kits, featuring some of her cute illustrations as well as bold geometric designs which can be used in a variety of ways to create your own personalised artworks.


Ashley’s Geometric Border stamp set.


Ashley has used her stamp sets and low-cost  trimmings which should all be available from most local stores to create these gift-wrapping ideas. She  used a dense, black archival ink from Ranger Ink and white paper to create this bold repeat pattern for wrapping paper. As she has used standard white printer paper for some of these, she has suggested doubling up the paper, to avoid it looking translucent. Once created, the original images can be scanned and printed to create multiple sheets with a bold design.


Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Ashley used black archival ink and her geometric borders stamp set to create this bold geometric wrapping paper.


For this gift wrapping look, Ashley  used her geometric border stamps stamps to create small sheets of wrapping paper. She used contrasting coloured ribbon on the centre and then added pom poms, silver glitter pipe cleaners and ornaments which she sourced locally to add a bit of Christmas glitz to the gifts.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Ashley used bold shapes with contrasting ribbon to create a really eye-catching gift.


This glittery gold box looks great against the striking abstract black spot pattern, and again is finished with contrasting green ribbon, pom poms and spray-painted foliage. We think this would make a great low cost contemporary style place-setting ideal for a stylish Christmas meal.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

A nice way to decorate a glittery, gold box, we think this would look great as a table place-settting.


This gift wrapping idea is perfect for a small object, andhas been created using a small piece of printer paper and Ashley’s “painterly shapes” stamps along with pom poms, a glittery branch from and a honeycomb paper ornament from Ikea.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Use decorations as part of your wrapping like this paper honeycomb ball to create really unique looking gifts.


If you liked Ashley’s gift creations check out her Instagram account for more ideas, where she’ll be be marking  all her gift-wrapping ideas with the hashtag #wrapthingsup. She’d love to see your wrapping ideas using this hashtag too!

Screenshot from 2014-12-17 16:33:10

Ashley has loads of lovely unique gift-wrapping ideas featured on her Instagram account.


Ashley G’s stamp sets can be bought online here and a selection of her  illustrations are available to buy online at Hannah Zakari and in our  Edinburgh Shoppe.

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10 gift ideas for under £10!


One of the best things about working in indie retail is being able to support and showcase the work of so many different makers, both from Edinburgh and around the globe.  Often people seem surprised that although we stock predominantly hand-made and independently designed products we still have such a large range of affordable gifts.

So seeing as it’s our 10th birthday this year we thought we’d select 10 great gift ideas for £10 and under. These are perfect ideas for stocking fillers or a Secret Santa gift and are currently all available online and in our bricks and mortar Shoppe.


1.Geometry Tote Bag.

An exclusive design by Kirsty Thomas for Totes Amazed at Hannah Zakari. Fun, colourful, and functional.


Geometry Tote Bag by Totes Amazed, £10.


2. Silver Mini Cat Earrings.

Shiny feline friends in mirrored silver acrylic. For cool cat ladies.


Silver Mini Cat Earrings by Rosa Pietsch, £10.


3. Navy Rose Ring.

This cut cast resin rose ring is available in three colours and looks stunning in navy. In fact designer Laurafallulah’s entire range is priced below £10 so do take a peek!


Navy Rose Ring by Laurafallulah, £9.


4. Pink Fleur Striped Hair Clips.

Theses cute hair grips combine stripes and flowers, perfect as a gift and securing a hair do.

Pink Fleur Hairclip Set, £6.50 by Laura Fallulah.

Pink Fleur Hairclip Set, £6.50 by Laura Fallulah.


5. Kingfisher Ring.

A cute illustrated ring featuring a Kingfisher by Layla Amber.


Kingfisher Ring, £7 by Layla Amber.


6. Crystal Shard Tattoos

I love the delicate lines of these jewel-like temporary tattoos by The Aviary.

Crystal Shard Tattoos, £4 by The Aviary.

p Crystal Shard Tattoos, £4 by The Aviary.


7. Cocktail Nail Sticker Set.

A cute pack of assorted nail stickers featuring classic cocktails. Perfect for partying!

Cocktail Nail Stickers by Kate Broughton, £3.50.

s Cocktail Nail Stickers by Kate Broughton, £3.50.


8. Festive Beard Christmas Card

This is just one of many of Laura George’s super cute Christmas cards. Be sure to take a look at her full range for quirky cards adorned with cool creatures and cheeky messages.


Festive Beard Christmas Card, £3, Laura George.


9. Bird Badge Set.

A set of lovely illustrated badges by designer Kate Broughton. This set features classic British birds.

Bird Badge Set, £4, by Kate Broughton.

Bird Badge Set, £4, by Kate Broughton.


10.Sheriff Badge.

ThisTwin Peaks themed Sheriff badge is one of many of the designs we have by Kate Rowland which feature cult and popular tv programmes. A perfect gift for Twins Peaks fans!

Sheriff Badge. £9, by Kate Rowland.

Sheriff Badge. £9, by Kate Rowland.

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New Collection by Apres Ski


We have a brand new collection in the Shoppe and now online by Apres Ski. The Apres Ski range is by Barcelona-based designer Lucia Vergara and combines vintage and hand-painted wooden beads to create vibrant limited edition designs.

This range looks super cool and contemporary, while the colour palettes of the new collection are reminiscent of 40’s and 50’s themed fashion and design; think cutesy pastel diners, meets Joan from Madmen.

We created a set on Polyvore, combining two key pieces from the range with a fun, glamorous retro 50’s look, partially inspired by the beautiful fashions worn by Maggie Cheung in the film ‘In the Mood for Love’.


Screenshot from 2014-11-21 13:16:18

A stylish oriental 50’s themed look featuring items from the new Apres Ski collection.



Oriental Necklace, £50, Apres Ski

Sand Bracelet, £29, Apres Ski

Green Bambino Shell Drop Earrings by Rosita Bonita, £18.

Aqua Pom Hair Pin, £9, Ann Marie Faulkenr.

Revere Pencil Dress by Vanity Project £99.

Aquamarine Postcard and Sticker Set, £2.50, The Aviary.


Here are some other favourites from the new Apres Ski range:

As well as the Orchid Necklace, (pictured above) the Ebony Necklace has an oriental twist to it’s subtle 50’s style.


Ebony Necklace, £40.

The Desert Necklace combines mustard yellow with bold black and cream stripes as well as cute polka dots and checks. Although it looks strikingly contemporary, we could also picture this piece round the neck of Joan from Madmen.


Desert Necklace, £50.


This cute double-layered combines pastels and brights with fun polka-dot detailing and accented with vintage beads.


Congo Necklace, £50.


The Dizi bracelet complements the pastel bright necklaces in the fun, combines cute pastel colours with pops of bright colour and polka dots. A perfect gift!


Dizi Bracelet, £29.


Check out the full new collection in the Shoppe or online here.

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It’s Sparkle Season! Day and Night looks with Wolf and Moon.


We’ve been busy in the last few weeks updating our website with some fabulous new stock ready for the season of sparkles, parties and yes, ok, we dare to say the word ‘Christmas!’

The latest arrival has been from HZ favourites Wolf and Moon and are now available to buy online. We put together two looks on Polyvore  using Wolf and Moon’s statement Crystalised necklace (pictured here in the horn colourway).

Crystalised Necklace in Horn

Crystalised Necklace in Horn, £40.


The daytime look combines fun, autumnal mustard shades with a touch of sparkly gold and mirrored teal complete with a much-coveted grey fleecy cape and quilted biker-style boots.

Screenshot from 2014-11-06 15:36:38

A fun, autumnal daytime look featuring some of our new Wolf and Moon collection.


For our night-time look we’ve kept the statement necklace, but slipped into a classic Little Back Dress along with some gold T-bar heels and a cosy teal shawl to keep us cosy on these cold winter nights.

Screenshot from 2014-11-06 16:25:17

A teal and gold twist to the little black dress with some Wolf and Moon accessories.

Here are some of my other favourites from the new Wolf and Moon collection:

 I love the bright pop of yellow in this new Saffron version of the Chevron Point necklace. Perfect for adding an autumnal finishing touch to an outfit.

Chevron Point Necklace in Saffron

Chevron Point Necklace in Saffron. £17.


This striking new hexagonal design continues the trend for all things geometric and comes in an icy Frost colourway.

Hex Ring in Frost

Hex Ring in Frost. £18.


Our last delivery of Egyptian necklaces flew out of the shop really quickly, but we now have an array of designs available in the shop and online. My favourite is the the grape, wood and gold colourway.

Eqyptian Necklace in Grape

Eqyptian Necklace in Grape. £22.


These black and gold Hex earrings have a classic, art deco style.

Hex Earrings in Black and Gold

Hex Earrings in Black and Gold. £14.


The striking Irridescent Crystal Collar Necklace is a great statement piece and looks a different colour with every turn.

Crystal Collar Neckalce in Irridescent

Crystal Collar Neckalce in Irridescent finish. £68.

The new Wolf and Moon collection is now available in the Shoppe and online here.

Check out our Polyvore sets on the Hannah Zakari page.

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Pumpkins, witches and scary spooks; Halloween is upon us at last! Without going too crazy, we have indulged slightly in some fun, spooky things in the Shoppe including gorging on chocolate eyeballs and making some lovely little kawaii decorations and garlands for the Shoppe using Asking For Trouble’s free downloadable pdf template.


Chocolate Eyeballs and Pumpkins!



Awesome kawaii ghosts and pumpkin decoration download available free from Asking For Trouble!


I also attended a really fun workshop last night making spooky flower arrangements using foraged flowers and a pumpkin as a vessel. The workshop was run by the lovely ladies from Pyrus Flowers and was held at Lovecrumbs, which meant there was a ready supply of rose and cardamon hot chocolate and pumpkin and choc chip bundt cake to keep us going!


Part of the MASSIVE flower arrangement I made at the Pyrus Flowers/Lovecrumbs workshop.



Pyrus Flowers pumpkin arrangement class at Lovecrumbs.

Whether you’re planning to don your finest zombie outfit covered in slime, or turn off all the lights, pretend you’re not in and hide from trick or treaters, we do have a few little seasonal goodies in the Shoppe to add a bit of Halloween spice to your life. Here are my favourites:

These cute leather and gold-embossed earrings and necklace are part of Rosita Bonita‘s new Black Cat range which can be bought online here:


Black Cat Drop Stud Earrings. £12.



Black Cat Necklace. £17.

This neon bright poster may seem a little morbid, but the highly factual message seems to put a smile on many people’s faces. Indeed it’s true; We’re All Going to Die!


We Are All Going TO Die Print by Lovely Jojo’s. £20.

Boo! Did I scare you? This friendly little kawaii ghost brooch  is super cute and great value at only £4!


Ghost Brooch by Asking For Trouble. £4.


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Interview with Olivia Mew, Stay Home Club.



Cancel all your plans, draw the curtains, put on your slippers and make a cup of tea. We spoke to Olivia Mew, illustrator, designer and founder of Stay Home Club…

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Have you always been creative?

I’ve always preferred to hole up and doodle rather than, say, play team sports. So yes, I guess so!



Olivia’s illustration unites grumpy-faced girls everywhere!

What inspires you creatively?

You know when Matthew McConaughey made that dumb Oscars speech about how his future self was his hero? Well, in a similarly douchey way, my past (teenaged, angst-ridden) self is kind of my creative inspiration. 

We love that we stock designers from all over the world. How  does your location relate to your work and lifestyle?

Montreal remains quite an inexpensive city to live in, so that certainly relates to my lifestyle. If I lived in New York City I would probably have to have a million roommates. I’m also surrounded by some pretty incredible pals, many of whom are self employed and constantly motivate me. The low rent prices here definitely attract a lot of talented people who are determined to make a go of it.

15400380 2

Stay Home Club Pennant.

What is an average working day like for you?

I’m lucky enough to have two “jobs” – freelance illustration and running Stay Home Club. So I get to switch it up between admin work for the site, order packing, etc and long days of drawing. 

How important is collaboration and a sense of community to yourself and to Stay at Home Club?

The pseudo community that has built itself around Stay Home Club has amazed and delighted me. As a bit of a solitary person, I’ve never been too interested in that kind of thing, but through SHC I’ve come into contact with so many like-minded people and it makes me so happy. So at this point it’s quite important!

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working? 


15400410 2

Part of team SHC, floppin’ in a SHC jersey.

SHC has developed a bit of a cult following around the world – are you surprised by the amount of people who wish to celebrate being anti-social and grumpy?!

I’m flattered that you think we have a cult following! It has totally surprised me how many people *totally* get it. None of us knew the others existed before because we weren’t going out and meeting each other!

What makes you most disgruntled?

Canada Post. 

15400400 1

Set of Wrapping Paper with Dsigruntled Face. £7.00.


disgruntled tee

Disgruntled Tee. £20.

We heard a rumour that you’re planning on eating pizza at your forthcoming wedding? We love this – tell us more..!

Indeed! Pizza buffet, doughnuts for dessert. What more is there to say?!

If you had to choose between only cats or only pizza – which would it be?

This is an impossible choice. I’ll have to choose death.


Stay Home Tee. £23.

Is there a design or an item that you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

I wear various items emblazoned with “Awful” the most. I think that image appeals to my sense of self-deprecation really accurately. 

awful jumpers

Hanging out at home in SHC designs. Awful sweatshirt £35.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out in business again?

WRITE OFF EVERYTHING! Keep all your receipts and keep track of those expenses or you’ll regret it come tax time.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still doing Stay Home Club, with a handful of extra people helping me out so I can put a little more time into the creative side of things.


Gemma Correll’s collaboration with Stay Home Club. A dog-based update to the original cat design.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Olivia, if you’re inspired to join us Stay Home Clubbers, you can buy our current collection of Stay Home Club apparel online here and in our  bricks and mortar Edinburgh Shoppe!


Screenshot from 2014-09-04 12:33:00

New in stock and available to buy online! The current range of Stay Home Club Apparel we have at Hannah Zakari.

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