Hello from the new HZ shoppe gal!

 A belated hello and my top picks from the HZ shoppe!


I’m really excited to introduce myself and say hello! I’m Sarah, and this is my first (slightly overdue) blog post after taking over from the utterly fabulous Emma as a new HZ shoppe gal! After graduating this summer in Fashion Design from Edinburgh University, Hannah Zakari has been a lovely place to settle while I live and work in Edinburgh as a freelance designer and pattern cutter (you can check out some of my work here).

My first 5 months have been filled with getting to know all the lovely shoppe regulars, dancing round the shoppe while mopping up on a Sunday evening and eyeing up the numerous pieces I could spend all my wages on. (If only I didn’t have to pay rent every month!) In spirit of the latter I thought I would do a short run down of my top 5 pieces in the shoppe right now!

My top 5 picks!
(and a few extra product mentions because I couldn’t resist)
Jennifer Loiselle
Heard It Through the Grapevine Earrings Acrylic Grape Earrings from Jennifer Loiselle

Heard It Through the Grapevine Earrings

My Christmas present to myself this year (let’s not lie, they are always the best) was Jennifer Loiselle’s Heard it Through the Grapevine Earrings. They are simply amazing- they are my only piece of jewellery that can genuinely put me in a good mood! I am now saving my pennies for my next JL purchase- the Triple Ice Cone Earrings.

Pins and Patches
A perfect pin for so many of my friends!

Beer Enamel Pin

Statement pins and patches are all the rage right now and we have some great ones in the HZ shoppe, my personal faves are made by King Sophie’s World and Finest Imaginary. Finest Imaginary also make some great playful acrylic jewellery but my top pick of their pieces is this Beer Enamel Pin– I can think of probably too many friends who this would be perfect for!

Just a little reminder!

Your First Love Should Be Yourself Enamel Pin

I love HZ because I have discovered so many fab small brands that I would otherwise not have known. King Sophie’s World is one of these brands; her embroidery is amazing and the pieces we sell in the shop are so great that I recently bought some of the fab women in my life the “Your First Love Should Be Yourself” pins, just to give them a little reminder!


Wolf and Moon


Blue rounded rain cloud shaped statement wooden earrings

Cloud Earrings

Anything by Wolf And Moon I know I am always going to love. This week we have their new collection on the shelves and these Cloud Earrings are calling my name. They have the perfect Matisse influence and feel like the ideal thing to wear walking down a beach! (Here I am praying for sunshine)


Lou Taylor
A brighter to any wintery weather

Lido Necklace

Following the summer theme my final pick is anything in the ‘Lido’ collection by Lou Taylor– both the Lido Print which is in-store and the Lido Necklace make the shop feel a little bit brighter on the wintery Scottish weekends.

I hope this little hello has given you all a nice insight into what I rave about in the shoppe!

In the mood to read more? Check out the interview that’s on the blog with Sophie King (mastermind of those great pins I mentioned upbove) and have a full look at the new Wolf And Moon Collection.

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Naoshi’s Sunae Workshop at HZ Shoppe


Let me give you the inside scoop on the Sunae workshop artist Naoshi led while she was visiting us at HZ Headquarters last Saturday!

Many of you are probably already aware of Naoshi’s amazingly bright and psychedelic art work since its often in our shop but what some of you might not realise is that she uses coloured sand for her creations. This method is called Sunae.

For the drop in workshop, visitors were able to pick one of Naoshi’s DIY sunae kits, featuring some of her cutest designs. Then Naoshi walked them through the process slowly, allowing them to choose whatever colours and combos they liked! Everyone enjoyed learning about Naoshi’s work and process since many of the participants were creative folk as well: artists, musicians, designers. So there was plenty to chat about!

Check out some of cute creations that were made!

It was an event with a couple of surprises. Members of the LA band Thumpasaurus were delighted to stumble across the workshop. The singer actually owns one of Naoshi’s tshirt designs- small world!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I know Naoshi had a lot of fun getting to meet you all! Including Sunny the dog, our favourite canine customer of HZ.

Make sure to check out Marceline ‘s blog post on her experience in the workshop! Marceline is the creative mind behind Asking For Trouble.

Now don’t be too sad if you couldn’t make it on Saturday. With the help of one of Naoshi’s DIY kits, you too can recreate one of her special works at home! It comes with everything you’ll need and easy to follow instructions. We still have a couple available for £8.50 each in the HZ Shoppe. We have a feeling they’ll be all snapped up soon so come in and see us!


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The new girl’s top picks


Hi everyone, I’m the new girl in the shop.

*waves at laptop irl*

So Rachael suggested that I should introduce myself and help you guys get to know me a bit better by sharing a few of my things at HZ headquarters.


Without a doubt the first thing that I thought of when creating this list was the Bunny Tofu Iron On Patch by Bels Art World. As a vegan I couldn’t help but swoon. I’m seriously considering getting my hands on a denim jacket just so I can justify bringing this little critter everywhere with me. Or maybe I can also iron it onto a canvas bag?

The next item involves a collaboration between two longtime faves: Stay Home Club and illustrator Julia Bereciartu. Julia’s relatable illustrations feel perfectly at home in this comfy and soft loose T-shirt. The Another Night in T-shirt is perfect for drinking in, frankly it’s compulsory. Although I must admit, I prefer the company of dogs to cats, and beer to wine.

Next up on my list is this amazing swimmer necklace by Lou Taylor. It’s a statement necklace that would dress up any wardrobe choice but I imagine it going particularly well with a navy dress and orange nail polish. The ironic thing is I cannot swim!


The final thing(s?) on my hit list are these wonderful seasonal fruit and veg UK postcards by Asking For Trouble. These postcards would never be allowed to fall off the fridge in my flat. Someone needs to post me these, I mean just look at those adorable radishes! Looking might I say, simply ‘radishing’ …

So apart from loving bad jokes, let me tell you more about myself. When I’m not in the shop drooling over everything, I’m an artist who works with moving image and collaborates with other artists and friends on creative workshops and projects. You can see a bit of what I do on my website, check it out here.

I have been a long time customer of Hannah Zaraki, since I first arrived in Edinburgh as a student. It’s a joy to wrap up all the lovely pieces for customers to take home and I hope to wrap something up for you very soon!

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Online Sale Now On!


Happy New Year! With January in full swing we’re all refreshed from holidays (Rachael having recently returned from Japan), and are brainstorming and plotting fun future plans for Hannah Zakari. In order to make way for some shiny, new stock and additional ranges by new designers we’ve organised a little sale, both online and in our Shoppe.

Screenshot from 2015-01-14 13:21:38

A selection of some of our lovely jewellery and accessories now reduced in our online sale.



We’ve also got a few of these lovely calendars by Laura George left  in stock. The theme of the calendar is to ‘Honour Your Journey’. Each month features a unique image & phrase, days & dates, lunar phases & astrological signs, as well as a space to write in important events to remember. A great organisational tool and a bit of a bargain with 12 of her beautiful illustrations included.



Laura George 2015 Calendar. £20.

I think my personal favourite illustration from the calendar is May, in which this cute character is surrounded by a friendy bunch of cacti and succulents!


An example page from the calendar; this illustration for May is ‘You are Surrounded by Friends’.

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Interview with Olivia Mew, Stay Home Club.



Cancel all your plans, draw the curtains, put on your slippers and make a cup of tea. We spoke to Olivia Mew, illustrator, designer and founder of Stay Home Club…

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Have you always been creative?

I’ve always preferred to hole up and doodle rather than, say, play team sports. So yes, I guess so!



Olivia’s illustration unites grumpy-faced girls everywhere!

What inspires you creatively?

You know when Matthew McConaughey made that dumb Oscars speech about how his future self was his hero? Well, in a similarly douchey way, my past (teenaged, angst-ridden) self is kind of my creative inspiration. 

We love that we stock designers from all over the world. How  does your location relate to your work and lifestyle?

Montreal remains quite an inexpensive city to live in, so that certainly relates to my lifestyle. If I lived in New York City I would probably have to have a million roommates. I’m also surrounded by some pretty incredible pals, many of whom are self employed and constantly motivate me. The low rent prices here definitely attract a lot of talented people who are determined to make a go of it.

15400380 2

Stay Home Club Pennant.

What is an average working day like for you?

I’m lucky enough to have two “jobs” – freelance illustration and running Stay Home Club. So I get to switch it up between admin work for the site, order packing, etc and long days of drawing. 

How important is collaboration and a sense of community to yourself and to Stay at Home Club?

The pseudo community that has built itself around Stay Home Club has amazed and delighted me. As a bit of a solitary person, I’ve never been too interested in that kind of thing, but through SHC I’ve come into contact with so many like-minded people and it makes me so happy. So at this point it’s quite important!

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working? 


15400410 2

Part of team SHC, floppin’ in a SHC jersey.

SHC has developed a bit of a cult following around the world – are you surprised by the amount of people who wish to celebrate being anti-social and grumpy?!

I’m flattered that you think we have a cult following! It has totally surprised me how many people *totally* get it. None of us knew the others existed before because we weren’t going out and meeting each other!

What makes you most disgruntled?

Canada Post. 

15400400 1

Set of Wrapping Paper with Dsigruntled Face. £7.00.


disgruntled tee

Disgruntled Tee. £20.

We heard a rumour that you’re planning on eating pizza at your forthcoming wedding? We love this – tell us more..!

Indeed! Pizza buffet, doughnuts for dessert. What more is there to say?!

If you had to choose between only cats or only pizza – which would it be?

This is an impossible choice. I’ll have to choose death.


Stay Home Tee. £23.

Is there a design or an item that you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

I wear various items emblazoned with “Awful” the most. I think that image appeals to my sense of self-deprecation really accurately. 

awful jumpers

Hanging out at home in SHC designs. Awful sweatshirt £35.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting out in business again?

WRITE OFF EVERYTHING! Keep all your receipts and keep track of those expenses or you’ll regret it come tax time.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully still doing Stay Home Club, with a handful of extra people helping me out so I can put a little more time into the creative side of things.


Gemma Correll’s collaboration with Stay Home Club. A dog-based update to the original cat design.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Olivia, if you’re inspired to join us Stay Home Clubbers, you can buy our current collection of Stay Home Club apparel online here and in our  bricks and mortar Edinburgh Shoppe!


Screenshot from 2014-09-04 12:33:00

New in stock and available to buy online! The current range of Stay Home Club Apparel we have at Hannah Zakari.

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We Dream In Colour


We have a great new range in stock by We Dream In Colour. Heading up two small studios in North Boston (Salem and Essex), Jade Gedeon designs beautiful organic and geometric inspired designs crafted from brass and using their signature verdigris, patinated finish. Having stocked her previous work, we were delighted with the reaction we’ve had to her new collection over the summer and now have lots of lovely new pieces in stock in the Shoppe and online.


Screenshot from 2014-09-03 16:30:25

A laid-back, casual style inspired by nature, with a hint of verdigris jewellery by We Dream In Colour.

Here are a few favourites of mine:

The Nala Necklace combines patterned scalloped-shaped pieces with a subtle hammered pattern, splashed with verdigris giving a elegant twist to a tribal style design. The co-ordinating Nala Earrings also look great with their brass chain drop feature.


Nala Necklace. £55.



Nala Earrings, £28.



These unusual little Mika Stud Earrings are really cute, and I love the delicate detailing of the leaves.


Mika Stud Earrings. £22.


I love the detailing and finish of the Verdigris Tulip Necklace  and with a nice weight, it hangs really well. Great with a dress or floral shirt, the tulips create quite a pleasing light jingling sound!


Verdigris Tulip Necklace. £65.


I really love the simple elegance of the Santorini Necklace, a crescent shape with a gently hammered finish and then an ombre-style verdigris style, a necklace I can’t resist adding to my own personal HZ collection!


Santorini Necklace. £29.



And finally, the last of my pick of favourites these Arie Earrings have an unusual abstract shape, slightly reminiscent of a cheeseplant!


Arie Earrings. £25.


Have a look at our full We Dream In Colour range here.



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Go Uchida Poetry Exhibition Friday 18th April -Tuesday 29th April 2014



We’re doing something a little bit different at HZ this April; A poetry reading and exhibition by Japanese designer and poet Go Uchida.

We’ll be having an opening party and poetry reading with Go on Friday 18th April from 7pm – 9pm. Please see our facebook event for details and to RSVP. All welcome!

His exhibition of seven poems will run in the Shoppe from Friday April 18th to Tuesday 29th April.

In his own words:

[ Prologue ]
That was one winter. A poet came to our island to find silent verse. He walked the streets, danced on the snow field, played with a dog, he was blown by sea winds, got moderately drunk, and lived in a garret. He disappeared before we knew it, and there was no one left but seven poems…

[ Introduction ]
In the winter of 2013, a Japanese poet Go Uchida stayed in Scotland. While he lived in Edinburgh, he also travelled to the countryside, he saw a lot of scenery and met a lot of people and wrote seven poems. This spring, seven poems will change into seven handwritten posters, and return with him to Edinburgh, Scotland. Please listen to the new stories of Scotland written with a creative sense of a Japanese poet.

[ Profile ]
Go Uchida was born in Hiroshima Japan in 1983. He studied law at university as well as writing poems and designing graphic images on his own. His first book of poems “Backyard” and second book of poems “Confession” was privately published in 2003 and 2004. His picture book “Raven the storyteller” was published in 2009, and his allegory “Okonomori” was published in 2011, by the Sloth Club. And his third book of poems “Akichi-no-Katte (Rules in the vacant land)” was published in 2012, and his poetry card series “flower in the garden of poetry” was published in 2013, on his own . His creative works are full of allegory, satire, and humor.

Check out Go’s website here!



Signing and numbering the poetry posters.

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Christmas Window Excitement!


This year I was very lucky to work with artist Lou Taylor on the HZ Zine, creating a great window display and range of jewellery with designer Jennifer Loiselle to match! I enjoyed it so much I really wanted to work with Lou again and asked if she’d be up for creating our 2013 Christmas Window display.


Hannah Zakari Christmas 2013 Window 3

Working on these collaborations is so much fun – we pinned to a joint board on Pinterest so we could check out each others ideas and influences, it’s a really good way to share images for this kind of thing. We were going for a modern but slightly kitsch cameo display, and I reckon Lou came up trumps again! What do you think?


Hannah Zakari Christmas 2013 Window

Hannah Zakari Christmas Window 2013 2

Hannah Zakari Christmas 2013 Window 4

  Rachael x

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