Cozy Autumn Days

Hi friends!

As is customary for me when the cold blustery days of autumn are fast approaching, I have begun mentally planning my long, holed-up indoor days, and, as usual, they look glorious from where I’m sitting. I just got a cat (I know!!!) and I can think of nothing better than staying on the couch all day long crafting with her purring by my side and a steamy cup of peppermint tea. But wait- oh no… because I spend all my time fantasizing about sitting on the couch, and none of it actually preparing for said sitting, it looks like I have no peppermint tea left!! Guess I have to run to the shop and stock up to make this day a reality. No big deal, I might have to go outside, but that doesn’t mean I can’t brag about my Stay Home Club membership while I’m out! 😉 Proud craft nerds unite.


polyvoreYou And Me And The Cat Print by Ashley G, Pom Pom Hat by Hilary Grant, Unexpected Item Tote by Totes Amazed, Crafty Badges by Kate Broughton, Stay Home Club Pullover by Stay Home Club

All available in our online shoppe!

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