Cute winners!

Oh man, this was a tough decision and I wish I had more poker chips so I could send them to everyone who entered as there are some seriously cute pictures here! But, I said 2 winners, and that’s what I have…

Firstly Hannah Duce with this adorable panda picture (I do love a panda)

And Megan with this super cute hedgehog picture (which reminds me of John because he sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating).

Let me know your addresses and I shall get those goodie bags out to you asap!

Thanks so much to everyone who posted a picture, I really enjoy these little competitions we have and will do another when we’re back from Japan too so keep your eyes peeled…

Rachael x

PS I’m actually going to make more poker chip necklaces to send out to everyone who entered our cute competition, but it won’t be until next month once we’re back from Japan. If you would like one and you don’t mind the wait please email me your address.

PPS Contact details here


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  • Megan says:

    Ooooooooh how exciting! Thanks very much.

    I’ve really enjoyed all these cutie pie pictures.

    I live a (rather dangerous) 2 minute walk from your Edinburgh Shop so could always pop in to collect the goodie bag.

    Meg x

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