HZ Zine Issue 2!

Over the summer we printed our first Hannah Zakari zine. We filled it with designer interviews, indie art and tutorials and it was pretty cool. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging all of the contents and linking you to many awesome designers and artists…

Today we picked up a sample copy of Zine Issue 2! Yep, we went the whole hog and decided to get it printed and everything – if you’ve ever tried to print, collate, staple and trim hundreds of booklets you will appreciate that we didn’t want to do it ourselves again.

Issue 2 will be a limited run of 250 copies and contains short stories, tutorials, art, etc. It’s edited by me and designed by Gill and I’m going to give you a few wee sneak peeks as to what you can expect inside and out…

We make the zine for free and everyone who contributes does so for free, but we hope that they get something out of it, be it visitors to their blog or new customers.

Issue 2 will be available from the 1st December (hence the advent style cover) and is on a first come first serve basis in our shop. If you are unable to come to the shop, we will post you one, just email us with your address and ‘I’d like a zine please’ as the email title. They are totally free.

I’m super pleased with it, can’t wait to get it out in the shoppe!

Rachael x


  • Kat says:

    Oh, the illos look amazing! Can’t wait to see the zine 🙂

  • Evy says:


    I’ve been a fan of the shop eversince I visited your shop in Edinburgh in october this year!!

    I’ve only just found out you have a magazine and I was wondering how I could get a copy of it?

    Greetings from Belgium!


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