Lucky 7: Day 4 Postcards from Japan

So, we’re halfway through our 7th birthday celebrations and it’s kinda been fun so far but today I think we have our best prize yet…

If you are a Lucky 7 winner you won’t get a prize with your order, instead we’ll post you a parcel of goodies all the way from our favourite country in the world – Japan!

Next week John and I are off to Tokyo on official HZ business (exciting!) and to meet an old feline friend (maybe) and we’ll be blogging to update you on what we’ve been getting up to, hopefully daily (but we’ll see how that goes).

So if you are a lover of anything kawaii, super cute stickers, Hello Kitty, Mameshiba or other crazy Japanese stuff, today’s Lucky 7 prize is the one for you! We’ll let you know in your order if you should expect a surprise parcel in a few weeks time 🙂

You can get all the details you need on our previous blog post.

Good luck!

ps if we look very young in that photo it’s because it was taken 8 years ago!

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