New Harry Potter Goodies by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes!

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes has conjured up a range of cute Harry Potter accessories!

As well as being home to Hannah Zakari’s bricks and mortar shop, Edinburgh is known as the birthplace of the Harry Potter book series. Their author J.K. Rowling is thought to have been inspired by the city and it isn’t difficult when you visit to see why. The winding streets of the old town are full of intrigue and magic! There are interesting nooks and crannies to get lost in everywhere you look.

Our shop on Candlemaker Row is right around the corner from The Elephant House (which Rowling famously frequented before the publication of Harry Potter) and from the grave of  Tom Riddle in Greyfriar’s Kirk. This connection to the world of the boy wizard is why we’re super happy to have a Harry Potter range of accessories available in the shop!  These cute enamel pins, iron on patches and stickers are designed in Scotland by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes. They’re a perfect souvenir if you’re a Potter fan visiting the city! They’d also be a great gift for the witch or wizard in your own life.

If you’re unlucky enough not to live in Edinburgh, you can also find the Harry Potter range on our online shop! Check them out below.

Enamel Lapel Pins

These cute pin badges look great on a coat lapel, denim jacket or backpack. They’re a good subtle nod to your Harry Potter obsession! We love these ones inspired by the Ministry of Magic and The Order of the Phoenix.

Auror Harry Potter enamel lapel pin badge - owl on shield background

Auror Ministry of Magic Enamel Lapel Pin Badge

The Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter enamel lapel pin badge - phoenix bird on blue shield

The Order of the Phoenix Enamel Lapel Pin Badge

Iron On Patches

Hardcore Harry Potter fans will recognise the scenes referenced by these excellent iron on embroidered patches. Try affixing them to a favourite denim jacket or backpack: they might even be a handy addition to a Harry Potter themed book week costume!

Care of Magical Creatures Harry Potter Iron On Patch - desk with magic animals including owl

Care of Magical Creatures Embroidered Iron On Patch

Embroidered iron on patch based on the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter - shield shaped sepia tone design

“I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good” Marauder’s Map Iron-On Patch

An iron on embroidered patch featuring an orange phoenix bird. Inspired by The Order of the Phoenix in Harry Potter

The Order of the Phoenix Iron On Patch

An iron on patch inspired by Harry Potter. Featuring a brown owl flying against a blue shield shaped background with the word “Auror”

Auror Ministry of Magic Embroidered Iron On Patch


Lastly these superb vinyl stickers are just the thing for decorating your laptop or school notebook. Each is based on a different class at Hogwarts, so you can pretend you’re studying transfiguration instead of geography!

A set of round vinyl stickers featuring school classes from Harry Potter

Harry Potter Wizard Class Sticker Set

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes is an independent Scottish designer based in Glasgow, UK. Her fun accessory designs inspired by pop culture, feminism and self care are firm favourites at Hannah Zakari! Check out the rest of her collection over on the webshoppe.

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