Styling a Statement Necklace

Hi again lovelies!

I’ve been mesmerised by this Koi Necklace by Rosa Pietsch since I first laid eyes on it. I’ve always been attracted to large statement necklaces like this, but when it comes down to it, I chicken out and opt for smaller, daintier pieces. I think I’m just intimidated about styling a piece like this. How to wear it? Where to wear it? Oh, the humanity. Woe is me. So, I set myself a little challenge to create one daytime and one PARTYtime outfit centred around this necklace, that I would actually wear. I realized it’s easier to incorporate something like this into an outfit than you might think!

I can’t be the only one in this predicament, so I thought I’d share the results here. Now, this is what worked for me, and basically it entailed keeping my usual silhouettes and shapes, but replacing my beloved prints with solids to keep the focus on the necklace. It might be something entirely different that works for you, but I encourage you to play around a bit and find out exactly what that is.

It’s fun, and next time a friend or family member asks you what you want for your birthday/Christmas/graduation/mid-week celebration, you can tell them A BIG OL’ STATEMENT NECKLACE PLEASE! 🙂


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