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Eclectic Eccentricity – Space Jewellery!


Space jewellery that’s out of this world!

Eclectic Eccentricity’s range of quirky space jewellery has always been a hit here in Hannah Zakari. These distinctive pieces are popular with customers and staff alike! They’re inspired by the mysteries of science, space and the natural world, so they’re perfect for inquisitive minds and unique people.

We’re especially excited about our collection at the moment, because we just received a big delivery of new designs. These pieces are filled with everything we love from this maker, including stars, planets, and tiny astronauts! They’re the perfect gift for the scientist or stargazer in your life.

Eclectic Eccentricity is a small team based in Norwich who specialise in making unusual jewellery for unusual people! Here’s a selection of our favourite pieces of space jewellery in the shop right now:


Quirky space jewellery - atom, planet and star necklace

Up and Atom Necklace


Quirky space jewellery - dark matter necklace with night sky, constellation, spiral and planet

All That Matters – Dark Matter Necklace

Quirky space jewellery - ceramic astronaut and star necklace

I Just Need Some Space, Man – Astronaut Necklace


Quirky space jewellery - atom and universe earrings

Origins – Universe and Atom Drop Earrings


Quirky space jewellery - rose quartz and gold pink crescent moon earrings

Arose – Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Earrings


quirky space jewellery - gold and silver planet saturn stud earrings

Saturn Planet Stud Earrings


quirky space jewellery - astronaut, space shuttle and green glass bead earrings

Out For a Walk – Astronaut and Space Shuttle Drop Earrings


Quirky space jewellery - amethyst teardrop gemstone and silver star chain earrings

Fallen Stars Amethyst Earrings

You can find the rest of our Eclectic Eccentricity jewellery over on the Hannah Zakari webshoppe. As well as this fun space jewellery they also make some great dinosaur jewellery, so check it out if that’s your thing!

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Is it Christmas again?


Because we’ve been getting so many lovely parcels to open! It’s been all go in the HZ shoppe this week, with deliveries from loads of our favourite designers coming in every day. Here’s a little taster of the new stuff we’ve been unwrapping…

Stay Home ClubĀ 

If you’re a signed up member of Stay Home Club it’s a pretty safe bet that your house is your favourite place in the world, and now that we’ve added art prints to our range of SHC goodies you can make it look even better! The Night In print by Julia Bereciartu is so perfect (I know what I’m doing with my Saturday night)!


Night in Print


Stay Home Club Print

Eclectic Eccentricity

The astronomically good Eclectic Eccentricity has sent us another box of star studded treats! Their space themed jewellery always makes me smile, and the new pieces they’ve sent this week are no exception. That little dachshund! šŸ˜


Dachus Necklace


Great Bear Necklace


Voyager Aura Quartz Necklace

Cosas Minimas

Blanca Gomez’ beautiful minimalist style returns to the HZ walls with these bold prints! I love the travel poster inspired ‘Helsinki’ print – when can I go there?


Flight Print


Strangers Print


Helsinki Print

This is just the tip of the iceberg – we’ve had so much new stock in lately that the shoppe is looking all shiny and new itself šŸ˜Š Visit us in Edinburgh or go to the Hannah Zakari webshoppe to see more!

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Hannah Zakari Gift Guide – geek chic


For our third guide to Christmas presents, we turn to the cool nerds, the happy geeks, the pop culture fans and clever clogs out there. The Hannah Zakari Shoppe has just the thing for the space cadets, gamers and niche tv fans in your life.

The wonderful Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes are a great place to start when you’re on the prowl for a present with a geeky angle. We love the Sword of Omens pin badge (sight beyond sight depending on the wearer), the cute Zelda inspired Heart Container pin, and the amazing little Virtual Pet pin (all the charm of a Tamagotchi, without the upkeep!).

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

If you know someone with a bit of a space obsession (who doesn’t?), we’re a few different things in the Hannah Zakari Shoppe to stick in their Christmas stocking.

Mokuyobi Threads have a stellarĀ range of pins and patches in the Shoppe, including the brilliant Space Mission iron-on patch. It’s amazing on a coat, bag, shirt or jumper, and strikes the perfect balance between retro and cool.

Space Mission Alpha patch

If your favourite space-fan is into jewellery too, get them an out of this world piece from Eclectic Eccentricity, designed by Lucy – who gave up a career in astrophysics to pursue jewellery making!

The I Just Need Some Space, Man necklace is perfectly subtle, as a cool little ceramic spaceman hangs from a brass chain.

I just need some space, man

Another gem from Eclectic Eccentricity is this outstanding Perfect Alignment Solar System necklace. The necklaceĀ features a set of vintage cabochons dating from the 1940s through to the 1980s, which were selected by Lucy for their similarities to the planets in our solar system.

Perfect Alignment Solar System necklace

Designer Kate Rowland makes a great range of brooches and earrings with a cult TV theme, and we particularly love the Game of Thrones inspired Winter is Coming brooch – ’tis the season…

Winter is Coming brooch

Finally, fans of kawaii will love this little Kawaii Food Meal Planner by Asking For Trouble – it’s just the thing for New Year’s Resolutions as well!

Kawaii Food Meal Planner

Browse these items and lots more on the Hannah Zakari online shop, or come and visit our Shoppe on Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, for even more Christmas gift ideas.

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My Hannah Zakari Wishlist: A Short Extract!


Hello! I’m Aimee, and I’m really happy to be able to introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Hannah Zakari team. As an illustrator, comic artist and long-time resident of Edinburgh the shoppe has been on my radar since it opened, so having the chance to work here is really exciting. It’s only my second day, but I’ve already compiled a pretty extensive wish list! Here are just a few of the things I need to own…

There’s nothing I DON’T want from Stay Home Club, but at the top of my list is this Crying At The Party iron-on patch:


Now I just need to decide what to attach it to – and get some parties lined up so I can show it off! For some reason that gloomy little face really makes me smile.

I’m also a massive fan of Eclectic Eccentricity‘sĀ space themed jewellery. If I had to choose just one of their designs (and that’s a totally hypothetical dilemma because I’m definitely going to buy more than one), I’d go for the Ursa Major Bear Constellation necklace:



I was an obsessive star-gazer as a child and loved looking up at the night sky in search of the great bear, so I think the sentimental value of this design for me justifies a purchase! I also love their You Cannot Be CirrusĀ rainy cloud necklaces, which are perfectly representative of the weather in Edinburgh today.

The last item on this (heavily abridged) version of my wish list is Sarah Utter’s great Reading is Sexy T-Shirt:


I’m an English Literature graduate, sometime private tutor and total book nerd so it’s basically unacceptable that I don’t already own this. I plan to wear it next time I run into a reluctant reader!

Well, the weather might be dreary in the city – but dreaming of all the beautiful things here has brightened up my day at least! I can’t wait to start building my Hannah Zakari collection.

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Objects of Desire // Part One


A week into her new role at Hannah Zakari, Laura writes a blog post about the items in the shop that she is already coveting.

I’ve been a fan of the shoppe since it opened in 2010. Back then, I was working as the Online Marketing Manager for Craft Scotland, where I promoted the work of makers and designers based in Scotland. When the Hannah Zakari Shoppe opened I quickly added it to my list of essential local places to visit for gifts and treats – about half of my own jewellery has been bought from here!

Fast forward six years, and I now work as a freelance writer. When the opportunity to join the team at Hannah Zakari came up I leapt at the chance. The hours fit perfectly around my writing work, I get to meet new and interesting people, and I am once again able to work with beautifully designed products.

The downside is that I’ve only been here a week but am already wildly in love with a few pieces, and am desperate to add them to my own collection.

Comet What May locket by Eclectic Eccentricity

I’m a bit of a space nerd, and already have the Eclectic Eccentricity spaceman necklace at home. I’m desperate to add the space shuttle to that, as well as one of the fantastic lockets from their range – the ‘Comet What May‘ locket which keeps catching my eye. (Actually, I want everything in their collection.)

Space Explorer Patch by Mokuyobi

Another space related object of desire is the Space Explorer patch by Mokuyobi. (It might, in fact, be the first item I buy as a member of team Hannah Zakari.)

Terrarium Necklace by Finest Imaginary

On a far more Earthly note, I love the Terrarium necklaces from Finest Imaginary. The mini cacti are so bright and cute, and look like they would be great to wear when the sun finally starts shining here.

Watermelon necklace by Swank

However, the object which has me longing for summer the most right now is the Watermelon necklace by Swank. It’s bold, colourful, and is making me think wistfully of spending warm afternoons on the meadows.

Now we just need some sunshine…

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