Tokyo Day 1: Ueno


Hello from Japan! We arrived yesterday after a fairly stress free flight where I managed to sleep a little and watch a couple of films I wanted to see but never got round to (Bridesmaids and Midnight In Paris). Since we arrived at 8.30 am but couldn’t check into our hotel until later we spent the day mooching round Shibuya, particularly in The Loft, and drinking coffee and feeling a bit grotty.

Today we woke up super early and headed off to Ueno to go to the Zoo. I feel a bit conflicted about zoos, one one hand I hate seeing the animals caged up and kept out of their natural environments but on the other hand I love being able to see them so close up, I imagine a lot of people feel this way.

Today I saw a lot of animals I have never seen before, it was pretty amazing. Highlights include giant pandas, red pandas, the slow loris, lovebirds (amazingly cute!), an enormous hippo, a giant Galapagos turtle and a sloth! There was also a petting zoo which was super fun. Here are some pictures, not good ones I’m afraid, but pictures none the less 🙂

I think the animal that amazed me most was the Hippo, I’d never realised how huge they were before today, not sure if you can tell from this photo but they are MASSIVE!

To finish the day off we went for a ride in a swan boat. Ace.

Until tomorrow,

Rachael x


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